TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife with Partially Serrated Folding 3.5 Inch Steel Blade and GRN Handle, Hardcase Black TiNi Finish, by SOG Specialty Knives

Along the years of the involvement of man comes with a timely upgrading of devices and tools used for daily requirements. Knives on top of other tools are very useful to make the cutting experience easy and comfortable. Such needs are not only dependent on blade sharpness but also on a charismatic look and with multipurpose use. Hence, a lot of companies worldwide are competing for the same market of wide range classification to stand their names high and become a patent of sought after devices. And so, SOG Specialty Knives has strived their way along the years of creating a high-end, reliable, durable, multipurpose and elegant products that reach beyond customers satisfaction. SOG Specialty Knives has a workforce of creative and dedicated talents who continue to innovate knives that are patents and highly useful. The company isn’t only after with producing a decade-long products but with life-long ones as they picked high quality and durable materials for every knife they produce. However, because of growing demand on price versus quality, some companies fail to adhere to this workmanship vision and thus create substandard knives that do not worth the bucks. These knives are only good in a year or two use and get easily blunt when continuous exposure to stress. Such problems are commonly encountered by knife patrons from military, law-enforcement individuals and those that are up for outdoor activities. Thus the idea of heavy duty, reliability and charismatic demand from customers made SOG Specialty to develop the TFSA98-CP Flash II knife. This tool like the rest of their creations has a patent design and purpose that best suit any needs of every customer who are looking for handy, easy and reliable knife experience. This TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife is was made to offer the best out of every individual use in homely and outdoor activities. Here are the reasons why having one of the best deal.


  • -Blade comes with serrated and plain swift combo steel. Half of which is saw-tooth and the remaining is plain sharp making this knife one of a kind material for multipurpose use.
  • This TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife lets you choose different variants on the blades ranging from black titanium nitride coat, stripes of a tiger and the swift finish satin.
  • Classified under foldable and easy to handle category with its swift to open and close maneuver.
  • A system for a lock is designed to secure the fold while it’s in your pocket. The open and closing experience gives you ease and assurance it can be done swiftly and secure.
  • Has a clip which you can attach to your belt or at any place making it good to go for your convenience
  • The hand grip is made from a very reliable material that withstands intense environmental stress as such finished with black coating making it look elegant and durable
  • TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife has dimensional characteristics created to give you handy and easy to use experience. With its steel blade made from AUS-8, the length is 3.5 inch and a total of 4.5 including its handle when opened.
  • The saw-toothed and swift plain combo, its blade is as sharp as 0.13 inch.
  • The weight of the knife is 3.1 ounces making it very light and always on the go.
  • Total appearance gives you an idea of sharp, reliable, tenacious, high performance, durable and elegant handy knife.

Knives are produced with different specs do have varying efficiency on their performance and so of their charismatic appeal. This TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife by SOG Specialty Knives was designed to meet both reliability and elegance requirement for an easy, proud and convenient use. This knife has a multitasking characteristic and is popular with military, law enforcement, personal and outdoor use. The material of this knife is sought to be known to perform heavy duty with the efficient cut. The blade is uniquely designed to be saw-tooth and plain finish from the end of the grip to the pointed end. This design is patented by SOG Specialty Knives company. The facts about its blade did not end with its distinct design and sharpness as the blade comes with a different design such as attractive stripes of the tiger, Titanium nitride black finish, and swift finish satin. Its blade is also scratch-free and thus the steel has truly undergone high heat and cryogenic process making it highly durable. All of these can be picked with the same material of rigid and durable handle made from glass-reinforced nylon finished with the elegance of black. The drop-point end feature of TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife confirms its sharpness and reliability over the entire design. FSA98-CP Flash II Knife secures you with lifelong warranty. Having one of this kind would surely make your cutting experience never to be a hassle.

TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife though made from rigid and reliable material couldn’t be of use with heavy and hard to cut materials such that experienced on the outdoor camping like gaming. This knife is specially designed for the manual cutting experience that is handy yet requires real blade sharpness so any requirements beyond that would require bigger and more suitable characteristics. Also, with its partially designed saw-tooth and plain blade, it would be tedious to do the sharpening as it requires complication work to do so. FSA98-CP Flash II Knife though has a life-long warranty, it can be void with instances such as misusing of knife that leads to damages on the hand grip and blade from personal negligence. The lock system might get screwed over the years of use and thus wouldn’t be as safe as it is on the date of purchase.

The makeshift of TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife gives total solution to every man’s problem on blunt and worn out experience with a knife along the years of use. With this one of a kind creation of SOG Specialty Knives, anyone can never be wrong of having one considering its quality materials and built that last for a lifetime. The TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife is designed to be scratch-free making the blade consistent with its sharpness despite stresses. The durable built from reliable materials are proven to lasts for a lifetime and thus its elegance. TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife is handy and easy to use with an outstanding security system on lock making you be of sure you are safe even when the knife is on your hand or in your pocket. The material is made to be easy to open and thus no more hassles experienced on using. On the other hand, failure to inspect quality prior purchase and negligence will void the life-long warranty. The lock system might also fail with its screws as the decades go by making it less safe to put anywhere on your body. The TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife’s blade needs tedious effort on sharpening as it requires different ways to do so. The serrated and plain combo makes it hassle to do the sharpening job. Anyhow, the total makeshift of this tool could really solve your basic cutting and slicing needs


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