Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife by Spyderco

Spyderco has an outstanding credibility for creating a reliable and functional state of the art knives. Their uniqueness on producing knives made them on top and hailed as the creator of product with an out-of-the-box concept. These knives came out as individually considered to be a patent on design and use, as the owner of Spyderco, Sal Glesser, aimed to be known for such claim. On the other hand, the growing demand of people is endless. Considering that time evolves everything, individuals are seeking for an up to trend functional devices they can use for both convenience and needs. Different knives were born and marketed online and in local stores with aggressive sales agents to create a bond between customers and the products. However, it could be confusing due to more complicated yet unfunctional designs that are also “normal” in the context that they are becoming identical and lack of creative concept. Hence, the sale is to create a product that both meet the demand for uniqueness, functionality, and reliability when it comes to design, use and quality. Spyderco has thought of another innovative and idealistic product to cater the customers’ demands. They created Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife with the aim to shake up people’s normal perception on an outgrowing production of similar and boring knives and catch their interest on the introduction and actual exposure. This sought after a knife was designed to the functional and reliable standard. Hence, anyone who would buy this will surely have the best cutting experience and can undeniable boost its uniqueness.




  • Guaranteed to be durable and of outstanding quality. The design is a state of the art creation of reliable brand Spyderco
  • Foldable knife with a serrated blade made from stainless steel of 8Cr13Mov. The blade has a sequence of two small then a big saw-toothed blade. This design is exclusively designed by Spyderco making it unique among any other brand. The handle is G10, composite layers of epoxy resin and glass cloth.
  • Assembled with screws and framed with lines of steel as to increase its rigidity before wrapped up with G10. Can be washed with Phosphor bronze for swift open and close maneuver
  • Handle is paired with appropriate steel curves connected with the blade to promote easy and proper grip
  • Knife measurement is 7.76 inches when opened, as foldable as 4.45 inches, the blade length and cutting edge is 3.39 inches having a thickness of 0.118 inches. The diameter is made as 0.51 inch to provide easy hold and ease the open and close maneuver
  • Made from lightweight material having 4.1 ounces as actual weight
  • Can be easily and swiftly opened as it can be closed conveniently with no hard friction on maneuver.
  • Flip-flop design on 4 way.
  • Warranty is for a lifetime as the product material and built is 100%-guaranteed to be reliable, functional and durable.

This state of the art knife of Spyderco does not only provide unique and attracted look but also guaranteed as durable, reliable and heavy duty – perfectly suits its name Tenacious. As the company, Spyderco adheres to the principle of producing functional and reliable knives, Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife was created to meet the specific demands on quality and durability of users. This knife offers high-quality material such that blade is made from stainless-steel and a grip of G10 which framed the lines of steel to make the knife even more durable and rigid. The blade of a knife is specially designed to have a saw-tooth that is a series of sharp two small and one big zig-zag and then a large-enough hole near the front end of the grip to give ease of opening and closing of the knife. Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife can be washed with Phosphor bronze to make the open and closing maneuver swift and sharp. You can never be wrong of having one as it cannot fail to slice off anything it strikes. A tenacious knife is very convenient to bring anywhere because of its small size that can fit in your bag much more as it can be slid in your pocket and hang it on your belt. Speaking of which, this knife is designed with a clip so you could attach it on anywhere of you; convenient and on the go! Indeed, as Tenacious knife is lightweight at 4.1 ounces and with a dimensional design of 7.76 when opened and foldable to 4.45 inches, having a blade length of 3.39 inches at the 0.118-inch thickness to cut anything in contact. Easy and swift! Users are multipurpose from indoor to outdoor needs and thus create a reliability relationship with the user.

Although this Tenacious knife is heavy duty, and sharp it cannot be denied that the use is of limited because of its size. The way of sharpening of a knife could be complicated because of the design of its blade as serrated with a sequence of tooth unequal, two small and one big series. Its blade may not be also suitable for other use like skimming of surfaces as it leaves serrated tracks and ruin a smooth surface area.

With tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife, it is undeniably obvious why a lot of people are patronizing the uniqueness of this knife. Each of its features is remarkably functional and are made to catch users interest with its out of the box concept. This Tenacious knife comes with a lightweight yet rigid material of high quality to give the best out of anyone personal experiences. The blade and hand grip material perfectly pairs each other to provide the most reliable and functional deed on cutting and slicing. With its multipurpose characteristic, any users would love to purchase one as a gift for their loved ones. The top priority and vision of Spyderco were made possible with this Tenacious knife of serving users the best knife they could ever have. On the other hand, the unique characteristic of this knife as serrated and sequenced with a particular blade mounts made it hard to do the sharpening procedure. Making it sharp needs tedious effort and thus complicated. This knife is also limited with its use on the size of material it can cut. The tenacious knife is not also suitable for skimming surfaces as it leaves serrated tracks on a smooth surface making it dull when done. None the less, having this one is truly one of the most awesome experiences you will ever have in your cutting deeds in both indoor and outdoor activities.


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