Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

Today, the use of knives isn’t only limited with its sharpness and durability. The growing demand for people counts the elegance and built material of every piece. Such need is kept up by many tool companies to become the topmost producer of reliable and state of the art knives. This aim continues to generate sales on both online and local market with various kinds of knives. In creating the knife, the company does not only consider the use and beauty but primarily aims to produce a multipurpose and creative piece that will meet every customer changing preferences. A wide variety is displayed with different features on size, built material, quality per se on processing it undergone and the total charismatic outlook. Kershaw Sporting Goods one of the leading company creating quality and a reliable knife has gone its way on meeting customer demands across the wide scope of specifications. Their products are well-designed for particular needs as surveyed and studied by their hardworking designers and workforce. The company has been in the industry for quite a while and made their name popular amongst all knife users all throughout the globe. Kershaw Sporting Goods primarily aims to discover a creative and durable products that will keep up the demands of customers. Such demands aren’t only limited to buying an artistic piece but more on the totality of the knife. Hence, Kershaw Sporting Goods has developed this Leek knife to fit in with every specification seek by the target market of active individuals who go for mostly outdoor activities. This Leek knife went with a lot of criticism and evolvement to create the perfect current version. Its characteristics are sought to be one of a kind meeting convenience and functionality.



  • The blade is made from outstanding steel of 14C28N class.
  • The handle is of steel built blasted with beads making it elegant and durable.
  • Comes in series so you can choose with a variant that best suits your taste.
    The total material is a work of art with the beauty of steel material and an ease of use with the opening and closing of knife
  • The maneuver experience can be done in any hand making it easy to do the opening and closing of a fold. No hassle of dealing with hard to open the folding knife.
  • Leek knife is lightweight as it is only 3.2 ounces. The blade was made pointed and sharp for your cutting deed.
  • Leek knife is easy to use and is easy to bring anywhere you go because of it clipping feature you can attach it to your belt or anywhere you are comfortable with.
  • One of the knife’s series best features are scratch-free, versatile, fancy as well as elegant and has an up-to-date style.
  • This knife is as small as 4 inches when opened and fits everywhere when closed. Feel free to get one and slide in the tiny pocket of yours.

This Leek knife has been outstandingly rated with its functionality and beauty. The knife series comes with options for wide preferences of active people who seek to meet their needs on different access of use. This easy to use knife has a swift open and close maneuver that requires less effort on either of your hand. This feature is evidently convenient when you only have a chance to use one hand. This knife comes with the lightweight material making it handy and easy to carry everywhere you go. Such material is of high quality that was picked to provide a lighter experience for the users having a 3.2 ounces weight. With its 4 inches length, you can fit this knife anywhere. With its clip design, you can hang it on your belt or anywhere within your clothes reach. On the other hand, its blade is small enough to carry our cutting tasks that need no bulky or heavy tool. this knife is perfect for camping as it is on fishing. This knife is specially designed with stainless steel hand grip and is blasted with beads making it look elegant as well as durable. The blade is made from 14C28N steel that proven with its rigidity and sharpness as observed after its entire processing. Leek knife comes in series that are designed for popular preferences. These includes Smoked, Rainbow, Pink and Random leek. Each has distinct characteristics that cater the specifications you are looking for with remarkable design, color, and feature like scratch-free and interestingly sharp and shiny. This knife comes with parts warranty as of fraction defects on the manufacturing.The knife is outstandingly efficient you can never be wrong with your cutting deed.

This Leek Knife by Kershaw Sporting Goods only comes with parts warranty and not the total piece itself. Thus in purchasing one you have to inspect every angle to ensure the bought an all new-no defect material. This Kershaw Leek knife’s handle is made from metal steel making it hard to use of electronic devices as could serve as a conductor on the simple aid of repairing job. Leek knife though considered an outdoor tool may not be the best one to aid you in gaming activities as it has a small dimension on the blade and can only be used on a handy cutting deed.

An ultimate handy and sharp tool are what Leek knife offers you. This Kershaw Sporting Goods piece is perfect for your simple homely indoor and outdoor activities as it cuts any piece sharply and efficiently. The Leek knife has special features that make it stand out with the other existing product on the market made from different competing companies. Kershaw Leek knife is a friendly user with its easy way of opening and closing from the fold. It is so easy you can only maneuver it with one hand of either dominant or the other. The leek knife’s material is made lightweight for you to carry it everywhere and comes with the clip you can hang it on your belt. Definitely, a piece to provide you ease on your cutting experience. Kershaw Sporting Goods created this leek knife inspired with the outdoor activities such as on camping and fishing. This leek knife made so elegant with its steel handle blasted with beads and a steel blade from 14C28N class. Truly a piece of art! The sharp blade makes no wrong when you cut onion or fish catches before grilling. Leek knife comes in series so you can choose one that best suits your preferences. On the other hand, Leek knife since made from steel could be a big “NO” when you are looking for a piece to aid you in repairing with electrical devices as it serves as conductor. The leek knife doesn’t also come with piece warranty as the company only caters the parts defect. With this, you have to make sure you purchase a perfect piece of leek knife. None the less, having one of your own would surely give you the best indoor and outdoor cutting experience.


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