How to Sharpen Pocket Knives



Pocket knives are very popular with outdoor gamers or adventurists. It is considered as their best pal in pursuing their nature-related activities and survival. Activities such as gaming, hiking, camping and even fishing needs this kind of tool. It gives wide ranging from skinning, slicing and chopping game to preparing for kindle and to removing undesirable on your way.

Pocket knives are designed to meet those primary needs to aid the excitement of outdoor adventure and convenience. Because of such need, pocket knives were offered everywhere; in nearest stores and in online shops. Such that these items are made in different materials of great quality and built. This could be observed from the different kinds and shapes of blade marketed and the design of hand grip as well as the material of its protective sheath. Pocket knives usually made with clip-style kept. This is to make the tool handy and small to fit in pocket or everywhere on you. Some are also designed to clip on your belt to extend the options of taking it with you.

Importance of Sharpening Knife
As important as providing the aid for your adventure needs, pocket knives should also be maintained good as new. Having it with you wherever you go needs not only clipping it on your belt or sliding it inside your pocket or packing it in any compartment of your bag but also maintaining it sharp to serve its maximum purpose. Pocket knives are very important tools for any activity outside the home. It provides you a safe and convenient option to do the chores on campsites, gaming and grilling. Thus, a sharp knife can provide this aid effectively and more efficiently.

What comes into your mind when sharpening your knife? It isn’t only for the sake of making your slicing or cutting deed work faster but also to have the cut looks better and done it on the most efficient way. A lot of accidents were encountered with blunt knives, and so having your knife sharp as ever will be a good means to prevent possible injuries. Meanwhile, these aren’t only the reason why you should sharpen your knife.

Ease of use
The primary reason why you should sharpen your knife. Who would like to use blunt knife in slicing game’s flesh? Not everyone would raise a hand though. Sharp knife makes things easier. Cutting, chopping and slicing will be the easiest chore you’d have on camping when you have one in your pocket. Apart from that hack, it will also keep you from possible injury or cuts you get from forcing blunt knife to any subject’s surface. Thus, knowing how to sharp knife is as important as having one in your pocket.

No more hassles
Indeed. When you had your knife sharped a day before the camp it will free you from doing such job in the midst of the forest. You are cool if you bought appropriate material for sharpening, but what if you did not? Freeing yourself from unnecessary tasks will make your life easier, saves energy and have yourself enjoy the moment to the max.

Keeps it from rusts and maintains good as new
Sharpening of knife once in a while will keep it free from rust and have it good as new. And knowing how to sharpen is the best hack to maintain your knife’s best look.

Ways to sharpen Knife

Sharpening with whetstone. This means of making your knife sharp is generally used everywhere. Whetstones are perfect material for sharpening knife.. It is done by stroking continuously. Such way makes the edge sharper with every stroke. In sharpening blunt knife, you’re not only going to consider the whetstone but also a mineral oil which serve as lubricant. Well, this lubricant not only functions as greasing agent but it aids in decreasing heat from striking knife and whetstone. Having the knife’s edge heated without any lubricant will warp the knife’s edge. Not a good idea, isn’t it? Also, the hack of using mineral oil will keep the debris slid from the edge of knife (as it is produced during stroking). So make sure to purchase mineral oil in your favorite store before doing the job.
Going back to sharpening, continuously do the stroking on the whetstone making sure to have friction between the edge of knife and the surface of stone. Stroking should be done in an angular way, preferably 15 degrees. Having the job done this way would ensure the edges are fully covered with the sharpening. Do the same thing for the other side of the edge. You can try your knife’s sharpness with slicing meat or anything you think is a measure to say your knife is good to go. It’s all up your preferences how your knife’s edge should be as sharp as.

Other kind of stones. On the other hand, when you happened to forget sharpening your pocket knife and have gone to the camp already, you can make use of other alternative that will comparably give you the same sharpness you need. When you are in the woods, it is easy to find similar material for sharpening. Have your self look for rough stone with considerate surface area for stroking of your knife’s edge. It doesn’t have to be as perfect a whetstone but a good alternative should have similar surface. In this emergency situation when you haven’t prepared mineral oil, you can make use of water kept in your jug. A little of it will do. Wet your pocket knife and do the stroking or sliding knife’s edge against the stone. Make sure to supplement water when debris is evident on the knife’s edge. Do the same for sharpening on the other edge. You can test your knife with any material on the area just make sure it doesn’t poison or allergens that might harm or irritate you.

With a blunt knife. Another way to sharpen knife is with the use of a blunt knife. Simple as slide the two against each other’s edge will give your knife a new sharping experience. Though it might not be as efficient as that when using whetstone but the process is considered to make your knife’s edge sharp. It is considered an immediate aid with the absence of stone, as in when you are in the midst of the sea and you need your knife sharpened for the catches.

Knowing the importance of sharpening your knife will give you enough motivation to have it sharpen your own and thus would make you equipped with the process. These sharpening ways are collected for you to have reference on how to sharp your own tool. These ways are very easy and you can do it anywhere and everywhere you go. Always remember that having a sharp knife will make things easier and convenient in the best possible way in an unfavorable situation.

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