Benchmade Knife 555HG Mini Griptillian Thumb Hole


Going for an outdoor camps or activities require very useful tool. Such piece should never be forgotten in your pocket or bag as it ease your burden in dealing the basic tasks as skinning, slicing, and cutting animal or any food. Surviving in the midst of a jungle or in remote areas on camps calls for the demand of sharp edge material. Hence, getting one is the best thing to do before the adventure escapade.

Choosing knife could be very tedious as it requires reviews and recommendations from people who are using similar kind. Preferences mostly run through its multitasking role, quality built and material and ease of use. A lot of the same products are offered and marketed in stores and in online shops to confuse you with the best deal to have. Meanwhile, reading this article would surely give you persuading ideas why you should purchase a Benchman product. Created 10 years ago, Benchmade Knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole has never lose its trend from the most demanded tool for outdoor activities. With its awesome features and use you will be convinced having one is the best deal.

Buying any thing requires thorough evaluation of its physical details, material and durability. And anyone would always look up for a best deal that suits its price and use as for a longer period of time. Price and quality used to go together. But does purchasing an expensive one always mean that way? Think about this, buying expensive tool with the best material and built will give you the best experience and longer use, on the other hand, purchasing less expensive one with an average material and durability will provide you few weeks of service, and after then buy one again and again and so the cycle goes. It will be more costly right? Thus, buying one of a kind with a high quality material and built would always be the best deal.

This benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole has a lot to offer. The cost might be a little bit pricey for a small piece but surely has the best deal. Do not settle for less and try this awesome knife and see for yourself its amazing way of work. Here are the following points why you should consider having one in your pocket.

  • Reliable brand, reliable quality
    Benchmade has been known to produce great products that are remarkable for its quality material and built. This Benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole has a lot to brag with its material composition. The blade steel is made from the finest quality material and built as thin as 0.1 inch to give the sharpest experience for anyone. Benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole has a handle made from glass filled nylon in black color making it look elegant as it topped up with satin steel.
  • Tool measurements
    This knife is specially designed for outdoor use. Benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole has a plain blade, with a length of 2.91 inches and a handle of 3.87 inches. This knife is made as clip-style kept to make it very handy and good to go anywhere! Hence, you can store this 0.51 inch thick knife in your pocket.
  • Multipurpose
    Either going for a camp, slicing fruits or any other thing, it will make your life so easy as its just on your hand. Who would have thought such tiny thing could serve a lot of purpose? With Benchmadeknife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole you can cut things as you like. It’s blade is made so sharp and the a pointy end lets you carve on surfaces as well as skin any bark or animal skin. This Benchman knife is a rightful piece to have in your pocket! Go on a camp and feel awesome with its sharpness and portable built.
  • Handy and easy to use
    This durable piece is kept by clipping blade in the middle of handle. It can be tilted on both ways and very easy to use. You can either slip it in your pocket or have it in the small compartment of your bag. Anywhere to keep is possible! Having tiny little thing is as much as doing great work. It is user friendly thus very flexible on most cutting and slicing basic purposes. Keeping one at a very good price you already got the best deal. The material of this tool is worth the cost and the built is already a plus. Have one and ease your burden on outdoor activities!
  • Free delivery
    On top of its high quality material and durable built, here comes free charge of delivery. You can have it in less than a day! Within eight hours and fifty-two minutes you can have this awesome piece for cutting on your hand. The price is just so right it will save you from hassles of going to home depot shop or in the nearest knife store to purchase one.

With Benchmade knife 555HG Mini Griptillian thumb hole you will end the days of keeping bulky knife in your bag. This piece is specially designed to make you feel lighter as you have it in your pocket or bag. With its 2.86 ounces weight you would never thought you have a cutting tool on the go. This Benchmade Knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole is easily kept, with its clipping style that has smooth tilt up joint. Having one this good never make you feel you got a bad deal. This tool is made from finest materials which are of high quality and is assembled durably by the well-known company, Benchman. Worry no more with skinning animal flesh, slicing fruits or veggies and carving something on the wood with this cool knife designed for outdoor activities. Buying one would definitely keep you from hassles of dealing easily-get blunt cheap knives.

Disadvantage could be in its size. It is so small you might lose it somewhere. Its blade is so thin (0.1 inch) making is hard to deal with gaming in the woods. Though this tool is designed for outdoor activities, still it isn’t advisable to use for heavy duty work. However having one is not a bad deal for lighter purposes of cutting, slicing and skinning.

Lurking around the woods or simply camping with friends; you will surely be at ease with Benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole as you perform the simple survival tasks encountered. This tool is built with the finest quality of cutting material and assembled durably to provide an easy use. This knife is made handy and good to go anywhere with its lightweight components and small built perfectly suits your pocket and slips in any compartment of your bag. Have one in its best deal and have it arrive in your door step in less than 12 hours. Be prepared and hassle free with all your outdoor activities with Benchmade knife 555HG mini Griptillian thumb hole.


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