Benchmade Knife 551 Griptillian Plain Edge Satin Finish Blade Black Handle


Knives are one of the essential tools in the kitchen that could never be missing. In order to run throughout the kitchen smoothly, one must own a durable knife that you can rely on for daily use. In order to choose one, you can start looking from the wide variety of knives online or you can check reviews of top-rated knives to check the features, description and feedbacks from their past clients. Below is a review about Buck Knives 301 Stockman Three Blade folding knife that you should take a look at:

Griptillian launches its newest model of knife—the Benchmade Knife 551 Griptillian Plain Edge Satin Finish Blade Black Handle. A knife with a drop-point designed blade style that is 3.5 in length and 0.115 blade thickness. The handle thickness is 0.64 inches. All in all, the length of the knife reaches 8.07 inches and weighs up to 3.88 ounces. This knife is specifically designed for outdoor activities, daily and tactical use because you can just slip it on your pocket. However, the item is not available for international shipping as the knife can be delivered within the United States only. A light weight knife but the durability is something that you can rely on. Here are some advantages that you can consider when purchasing the knife, most of them came from the reviews of their buyers:

When purchasing a Benchmade Knife 551 Griptillian Plain Edge Satin Finish Blade Black Handle, it is also crucial to at least consider its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Not all knives could serve you well on different specific purposes. There are others that are specifically made and designed for a certain work that doesn’t work well on others. One of its advantages is that you can choose from the wide variety of colours and shapes; whatever suits your standards and fits your taste. Benchmark is best known for selling quality product that you can trust. It’s very portable, you can use this knife on your everyday work in the kitchen, for outdoor and tactical purposes as well. Past clients claim that the knife is very useful because they can carry it on their pocket every day and a great help when it comes to camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. It does not also limit its capacity for outdoor activities only but it can be also use it to baton fire wood.

The blade is specifically designed for any activity that you wanted to do because of its sharp and beautifully-crafted razor. The knife is safe to put on your pockets because it is properly locked and it won’t just open by itself unlike other folding knife that would even lead to some minor injuries. Also, the blade is attached tightly that it doesn’t wiggle every time you use it.

One of the evidences that the blade is extremely sharp is that one buyer accidently brush his finger on the edge near the grip and it bleed continuously; splitting his finger. For a knife so tiny, it sure has something to offer that the buyer took it as a sign that whatever they are claiming on the description is true. What they like the most about the Griptilian is the effectiveness of the folding knife. According to them, it’s like purchasing a larger folding knife with the weight of a much smaller knife yet it is very effective. A drop-point design blade for a folding knife that is very convenient for everyone. It would rarely require you to use a stone or a knife sharpener for honing and maintaining the sharpness of the blade. You can use it from everything because it’s just on your pocket, from opening a letter or using it to slash the plastic bags and other packages. It is designed to last for a lifetime with proper use and maintenance. Benchmade had never failed their customers on providing quality products and all the positive feedbacks gathered by the folding knife should be enough for you to buy the model.

On the other hand, some customers feel like the knife looks cheap especially the handle that feels ‘plasticy’ the first time they’ve used it but gotten used to it. They also claim that for its size, the knife is very light to handle but later on discovered that despite of its flaws, the knife is very durable and sturdy. However, it is highly advisable to choose other version of the knife except the black because one customer claimed that the black coating starts stripping off in the first few weeks of using the knife but it doesn’t really affect its performance. It is only for those people who are conscious about the appearance of their knife. When testing the durability of the lock, one customer bought a set of custom G-10 scales and found out that the folding knife has the capability of holding up to 800lbs before failing. A great sign that the durability of the folding knife is something you can rely on if you’re still hesitant about it. Although there are minor flaws and perception with regards to the appearance of the knife, what really matters is the performance it can provide you and all the jobs that it can handle.

Therefore, before buying a folding knife, you should at least put an extra effort in studying it very well, considering the features, pointing out the pros and cons and giving a check about its feedback. Do not limit your categories when it comes to choosing folding knife that you are planning to use regularly, just sitting on your pocket and waiting to be pulled out. Make sure that the features and capacity of the knife is able to accommodate any given task that you are planning in using it. It can be quite expensive but if it would last for a last time, it sure is worth it. A multi-functional knife such as the Griptilian had mark a good impression among thousands of its past clients and you could be one of them.


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