Best Pocket Knives 2017 – The Ultimate List

Pocket knives do look like decorations or just an accessory to carry around just to make yourself look cool. However, pocket knives are not to be underestimated. It is true that it does make anyone carrying them look cool, but there is more to pocket knives than a just mere accessory. Many of those who took pocket knives really seriously know very well how useful it is to carry them around. Whether you want to have a pocket for accessory or a tool to carry around, there are things that you need to consider first. There are a lot of good pocket knife brands and choosing one will be quite difficult if you do not know your needs for it.

You may think that picking the best pocket knife is just like picking your favorite. But you will realize soon enough that it will be very difficult to do so because there are so many top rated pocket knives. This means that one pocket knife is also as good as the other pocket knife. If you take a look at different pocket knife reviews, you will also come to a conclusion that these pocket knives are indeed amazing to have in your collection. But you might only be needing one at the moment. The reason why it could be difficult to choose one is because they have already been around for centuries and through those times the look and function of the pocket knives have evolved over time. They have also branded out in various styles, which is why you are given a lot of choices. There are just too many good pocket knife brands that they don’t know which to choose.


There are others that may just have to consider getting a multi-tool rather than the pocket knife. The reason for this is whether you do not or just rarely use the knife tool, which is an essential part of the pocket knife. It wouldn’t be a pocket knife in the first place if that was the case. But if you go with the multi-tool, which usually comes with its own knife, the blade is made from a cheap material that easily goes blunt after a few uses. The way in folding out the knife and other tools make it very difficult to maximize the full length of the blade. Accessing the knife tool can be quite slow and difficult as well. It’s two-handed job and its handle may not be able to provide the right grip that you are looking for. These are just some of the reasons why it is best to carry a high-quality pocket knife together with the multi-tool.

Guide to Choosing the Best Pocket Knife in the World

The best pocket knife for you will depend on your needs. If you are going to search about the best pocket knife in the world, this will be according to how the majority of those who bought it are satisfied with its use. Now that you are determined to know which knives to choose, the next step to do is to know a whole lot about them.

Number of Blades
Did you think that the best pocket knives are those with multiple blades? There are also those that are single yet still considered the best. But in terms of general standard, the lesser number of blades is better, although there are some exceptions to this. There are also those that don’t really mind the lesser or the more blades there are, as long as it is able to deliver the performance it is supposed to do. Here are some of the differences.

When it comes to single-blade pocket knives, it comes in different sizes and shapes. However, the best qualities that they possess are in its size and simplicity. Unlike with the multi-blade pocket knives, the single-bladed ones focus mainly on the design of the blade. These particular knives come with locking mechanisms that make them more durable and sturdy when it demands more work on them. They also come with spring-loaded opening systems, wherein it allows them to pop open on the second it is done. However, there is also a disadvantage to it – the lack of variety. This is the perfect partner to have if your sole focus in finding pocket knives is a powerful all-purpose knife, but if you are looking for a particular knife wherein it can saw or cut through a wood in a single moment, then this is not the choice you should be looking for.

The multi-bladed pocket knives give you the ability to do the job that other knives can do. Which is why there are pocket knives out there that come with either 2, 3 or 4 blades. The models with two blades usually are designed in a traditional way and have other features like drop point blades, pen, sheep foot, and spey. But with the 3 or 4 blade models, it gives the user an option of carrying different kinds of blades at their disposal. You don’t really know when you are going to need something to carve out a wood in a distance or skin a furry animal the next one. Even if multi-blade models do provide a variety, it gives away with durability or strength compared to the single blade pocket knife. This is the trade-off that you need to consider the type of knife that you want to buy.

The all popular Swiss Army Knives is another one of the pocket knives that people will think about. There are those that need pocket knives that do more than just what a knife can do. If you want some toothpicks, can openers, tweezers, saws, corkscrews, scissors, magnifying glass and a nail file, then you might want to consider getting the Swiss Army Knife that comes with multi-tools. Swiss Army Knife is considered the most popular of all multi-purpose pocket knife in the market. This particular pocket knife was primarily created to cater to the demands of the soldiers that were out in the field. It should be a tool that can perform a number of tasks that a single blade can never do. Ever since then, this pocket knife and its multi-tools have become more reliable and useful, not to mention it has evolved as well.

These days, the knives have gradually come in various sizes and shapes, which range from 3 attachments on its basic models on to the 87-tool that you see in the “Giant Swiss Army Knife.” This knife was created back in the year 2006. There are other multi-tools too, like the Leatherman, wherein it also offers similar features and impacts like the Swiss Army Knife does, although they can be quite hefty to carry around.

If you want to have a pocket knife that has a lot of functions more than just a knife can do, you will need the multi-tools.

Edges of the Pocket Knife

The blades are not enough to give you a check that it is the right pocket knife to buy. You will need to ponder on whether you are getting the plain edge or the serrated one. This decision can be quite a difficult one because most pocket knife models come with plain, fully serrated or partially serrated. But you will be able to decide on choosing one after you know the benefits and drawbacks of each of these edge types.

Years in the past, pocket knives were made with only one edge type, which is obviously the plain edge. It was only until recently that the serrated edges were added to the pocket knives design and gradually become very popular. To understand what makes the two different, you need to have a look at the type of cuts that each of these edges can do. One of the two is the push cut, which is done by pushing the knife through something like peeling or shaving. The second one is the pull cut, wherein the cuts will require the user to pull the knife across so that it can cut, like slicing a bread or cutting a rope.

Plain Edge – the advantages of a plain edge is its better performance with push cuts. This is a general consensus of those who have experienced and owned pocket knives in this manner. In this same line, the single sharp edge of such a blade gives the user better control, cleaner cuts, and more accuracy. Another advantage is that it is easier to sharpen them and you don’t need to send it back to the manufacturer to have it sharpened, too.

As with its drawbacks, it is the inability to perform pull cuts and saw techniques. Just imagine why knives designed for bread cutting are designed with jagged edges – plain edge can’t perform bread slicing. Objects or things that require sawing motions in order to be sliced efficiently is not just the plain edge’s forte.

The plain edge is highly recommended when you find that you need to perform push cuts all throughout the day. It may not be able to perform really well with cutting through ropes and wood, it will be an excellent tool to have when your skin and shave animals.

Fully Serrated – Take the disadvantages of the plain edge and put it on the fully serrated edge. Such a type of edge does a good job in cutting through tougher materials. As to the reason why its added strength comes from its higher pressure which is done by the serrations. The serrations usually come in thinner, which is why they are able to cut better compared to the plain edge ones.

As with its drawbacks, is that they are clumsier compared to the plain blades. They do perform better when cutting through hard materials, but thinking about the kind of ‘cut’ it is able to do, you won’t like it when you cut through certain things or objects. Just think about how performing a surgery with the use of serrated blades – which is not practical at all. Also, serrated edges are obviously more difficult to sharpen compared with plain edge one. If you are able to retain the pocket knife’s original blade, you will have to send the knife back to the manufacturer to have it sharpened. There are ways online on how you can sharpen serrated knives by yourself.

The recommended uses of fully serrated edges are when there is a lot of hard sawing and cutting need to be done. It may have limitations that the plain edge is an advantage with, it can be useful when there is a need for it in certain situations.

Partially Serrated – some of you already have an idea that partially serrated means, and that is the combination of the plain and fully serrated edge kinds. And because of its combination, this is the most popular variety since it gives you the best advantages of both worlds. You can perform push cuts and pull cuts in just a single pocket knife.

But this also comes with its own drawbacks, too, which is the serrated aspect of it. This is how it will be difficult to sharpen it. But with the clumsiness part of the serrated edge is rescued by the plain edge. You should also consider the serrations’ placement on the blade since they can’t always be useful all the time, especially in particular tasks.

This is highly recommended if you want to have the benefits of both plain and serrated edge blades. It will be able to perform the tasks of pull cut and push cut. The drawbacks of each edge type are complimented by each of its benefits.

Choosing the Length

There is a wide range of blade lengths available, from 7.5 inches to 2 inches that you can find on multi-tools. Though the difference is only a few inches, the blade size can truly make one huge difference.

Small blades.These are bladed under 2.75 inches. The advantages of smaller blades are that you can bring it anywhere. This may seem like not much of an importance to other owners, but having small blades is practically legal anywhere you bring it. This is the most important benefit that you can take advantage of when you choose small length blades. There are a lot of laws all over the world that allow 2.75 inches blade and below, so carrying such knives anywhere will be easier for you. Another benefit, which is very obvious is how small it is. The size of small blades will make it easier for you to carry them around.

The disadvantages of small blades, which is one of them the most obvious, is how the small blades can’t be versatile or stronger in performance compared to larger blades. Because of the size, they often come in slip joint blades. This means that they don’t lock in place and tend to fail when they are always used.

Recommended uses of small blades are just for light and everyday carry. It can perform basic tasks like cutting up strings or opening up small boxes.

Medium sized blades.The standard blade as accepted by most of those who bought the pocket knives. This is to say that most of those bought when it comes to pocket knives fall into this category. The standard length of medium sized blades starts from 2.75 up to 4 inches. The benefits of carrying this kind of blade length are that it is small enough that you can carry it around and even perform a wide array of tasks. It comes with different locking mechanisms in which you can push it on in strenuous tasks.

There are not many disadvantages to being mentioned about medium-sized blades, however, there are certain knife laws that ban blades that are larger than 2.75 inches. It is important that you are aware of the laws existing in the area.

This is ideal for most any task that you want to use it with, ranging from small to heavy ones.

Large blades.These are blades that are larger than 4 inches. This comes with a lot of advantages due to the size that it possess. And obviously, the larger the sizes, the more it can be difficult to carry them around. Such pocket knives that belong to this category, like Cold Steel Espada, is a tool solely focused on self-defense rather than for an all around tasks that the blades above are made with. They look very intimidating compared to the medium-sized and small-sized blades.

Aside from making it difficult to carry them around because of legal laws, it can be quite burdensome if you were going to actually carry them. This is because blades of such size look bulkier, not to mention they are attention seeker because of how intimidating it can be.

The recommended uses of large blades are usually for self-defense and not for everyday practical, carry a knife around. It is best that you inquire local laws first in regards to carrying a knife with large blades.

Pocket Knife Reviews

Some other factors like prices are all up to personal preference, but it is best that you are aware of the factors above as to which is the best pocket knife to have. Brands may play a big role in your decision in choosing a particular pocket knife, but this is still personal preference. There are brands that have equal quality and performance ratings on their knives, whether it is bad or good.

The following pocket knives below are some of the best selling ones that may find it interesting to you.

Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath
31rftj-9l2l This got a rating of 5 out of 5 stars from more than 1400 customers that bought this particular pocket knife. This is considered as the classic side of Americana. Many really love this particular pocket knife. Who wouldn’t love it, especially if you take a look at it’s design – it’s an old school style that has been revived in modern times. Unlike other designs that tend to change it with a touch of contemporary design to it, this one has remained from its old roots. The knife designs these days have indeed evolved through the years. Such evolution has led to newer steels, upgrades on materials, and better ergonomic designs. However, this pocket knife still seemed to remain all the way it is, even if it is already in the 21st century.

Basic specs of the Buck Knives 110 are the following:

  • Dymondwood Handle that comes with Brass Bolsters
    Sheath made from genuine leather with snap closer wherein you can carry it on your belt
  • 3.75 inches clip blade that is made from 420HC Steel. When closed, length measures at 4 7/8 inches.
  • Its blade’s crescent tip has one sharp point which is excellent for detail work. Its lock back design provides the best safety and strength
    This is an icon in America.

While the overall stats of this pocket knife does look like that of standards of an every knife that you can carry around, but it is best that you don’t underestimate this knife. This is because it can be quite heavy than the usual pocket knife that you carry with you. Some say that it is heavier compared to the Spyderco Endura.

What others have to criticize about this pocket knife is of its delicate tip its got. There are those that love the tip of this blade, though, which is why its got a very high rating among its buyers. Many have actually thought that this particular knife is perfect for the blue collar jobs, yet this particular blade is not meant to be a prying machine. Based on the various pocket knife reviews of this knife which clearly shown how there are a lot of broken tips, not to mention the regrinds that were needed for it. The blade of this pocket knife is solely for piercing and slicing only.



Kershaw Leek Knife

This is one of the Leek series, which is included in one of the best pocket knives in the market. The blade can be deployed in one hand and can be used in either left or right hand. This is different from most pocket knives because they are made only for right-hand use. With this one, you will be able to use it either left or right, without having to reposition the knife. Its sophisticated knife comes with Speed Safe assisted opening scheme. It also lets the user easily and smoothly deploy out the blade with a single hand. This is a knife that is ideal for fishing, hunting or working in cases wherein one-handed opening is what is most demanded. The handle is made from bead-blasted stainless 14C28N Steel. When closed, it measures up to 4 inches. Overall weight is 3.1 ounces. There are specific regions wherein this particular pocket knife is not for sale.

You might be wondering, but the Leek series pertains to different variants of the pocket knife. This means that there are more styles or different materials used in making the Leek series. You can find different steels, colors and the kind of finishes they have, but they are all part of the Leek series. The model that is mostly bought by buyers is the Kershaw 1660 Leek model. Many find it to be the gentleman’s knife due to the sophisticated way of gripping the knife in unfavorable conditions. The small size this pocket knife has makes it less conspicuous in the public eye. The good thing about this pocket knife is that just one hand and you will be able to open it, not to mention how clean it can cut through things.

However, there are a few pointers that buyers should take note of when they get this particular pocket knife. First, it is not good to hold it when you have wet hands. It takes for it to grip between the fingers and the thumb while you activate the blade. People should avoid using this knife when in a hurry as the blade can easily open with just a flick of the hand. Its belt clip makes the pocket knife ride a bit high in its pocket, thus revealing more of the knife than what you might be used to. In order to unlock the blade that is already opened, place your thumb on the path of the sharp blade.



Spyderco Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Serrated Edge Knife

The Spyderco is known for creating the best pocket knives and the Tenacious is one of them. They are made with the best quality materials and the name itself is the one behind in creating one of the most trusted brands in producing the best cutlery needs. The SpyderEdge folding knife with serrated edge is made with an 8Cr13Mov stainless steel blade, four-way hourglass clip, and a G10 handle. It comes with skeleton steel liners and a screw-together construction.

The brand got used to hearing from their buyers that the way they create their knives have always been different, not to mention how peculiar it is. They think beyond how the knife industry has established themselves in creating the best knives in the industry by breaking the barriers. Thus they introduce radical and new innovations into the knife culture. One of them is the one-hand opening system, a clip that is attached to a pocket for the knife and the serrations you can find in its folder. The brand said that they did not go into business for the purpose of raking money into their coffers. They are there to indulge in the passion that has always been their calling – which is by creating the best knives. The name Spyderco is out of the normal means when it comes to the knife industry, especially since it can be seen on how dedicated there are in producing the best knives in the industry.

So what are the comments made by those who bought this particular pocket knife? Most of the buyers, at least 79 percent of more than a 100 who bought and reviewed this knife gave it a 5-star rating. This is something that you can never ignore, since a rating close to 80% five stars is something really great then. So what the brand said about their claims weren’t just all talk after all. Many are impressed by the kind of performance that Spyderco did with their pocket knives, especially with this one.



SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TFSA98-CP Flash II Knife with Partially Serrated Folding 3.5-Inch Steel Blade and GRN Handle, Hardcase Black Ti-Ni Finish

One thing that you really love owning specialty pocket knives is that not only are they are more convenient to carry around, they have special features that not the common pocket knife can ever have. Take a look at this SOG Specialty Knives & Tools – this pocket knife model is very sharp and provides the quickest release of a Folding blade. It is a partially serrated blade, meaning that it has the best of both worlds for plain and fully serrated knives. The blade for this pocket knife is available in different finishes which are satin, black TiNi, and tiger stripe. With a partially serrated blade, it is made out of AUS-8 stainless steel folding blade that’s got a drop point shape a and a hard case black-colored TiNi finish. The blade measures 3.5 inches. It’s also got the SOG Assisted Technology, wherein it offers a system of one hand opening. Its handle is made out of nylon that is glass-reinforced that comes with a black finish. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

This particular pocket knife made by SOG was initially designed for easy access while at the same time you get to have a piece of mind with the knowledge that the knife comes with an added safety lock, giving the user extra security. When the user opens the blade, they will witness the patented SAT of SOG, or also known as SOG Assisted Technology, which will take over and the high-tension coil springs will propel the blade open in a quick manner. Which is why it is very easy to open it, unlike other pocket knives out there.

What about the buyer’s comments about this pocket knife? There are those that have expressed disappointment when the SOG folder system was no longer produced on the newer models. However, the adjustable clip that the manufacturer added was the true gold for many buyers. There were also others really happy about how their broken knives were replaced with a new one, even when it was already beyond 8 years from heavy use. The reason why they got broken pocket knives in the first place was because the alloy material used for the blade was too brittle, which is why the replacement. This is one service that every buyer of pocket knives will really love. Which is why this pocket knife got a lot of 5 stars from its buyers.



Buck Knives 301 Stockman Three Blade Folding Knife

This pocket knife is one of the multi-bladed design that is rarely included in the best pocket knives in the list. What you will see with this knife is that it has a 2.75 inches clip point, 2 inches sheep foot blade, and 2 inches spey. The blade is made out of 420HC stainless steel, which got the best strength, corrosion resistance and edge retention. When closed, the length of the pocket knife is 3 7/8 inches and weights at 2.9 ounces. Its clip point feature is best to use with detailed work. The spey blade is best for making sweeping or skinning knife strokes. Lastly, the sheep foot blade is highly recommended to be used for giving out a very clean cut, particularly on a flat cutting exterior. The handle is an Injection Molded Black Valox that comes with Nickel Silver Bolsters. The brand is known for being the largest manufacturer of the traditional folding knife. They also provide a special Forever Warranty.

The 420HC steel material that forms the blade of this particular knife is a standard blade that they pick. The purpose of this is to focus on the wear resistance that comes with high carbon alloys while at the same time able to deliver its corrosion resistance to their chromium stainless steels. Through their heat treating process, owners of this knife will definitely get a user-friendly combo of excellent strength and corrosion resistance for its durability and wear resistance. The blade is easy to sharpen out as well. For its best performance, the manufacturer has also hardened it to a level of Rc 58.

From almost 200 of the buyers that gave out their personal reviews on this pocket knife, 80% of it gave 5-star rating. Many admitted that they love how they can make use of such a convenient pocket knife for daily use. They claimed that Stockman 301 is able to provide a kind of performance that no other manufacturers are able to replicate at all. There are others that feel the knife is quite big for a pocket knife. However, this all depends on personal preference since there are others who find the size of the blade quite agreeable and fine to carry around.



Benchmade Knife 551 Griptillian Plain Edge Satin Finish Blade Black Handle

The Griptillian 551 of Benchmade comes in a full size and is made of high-quality materials. Many reviewers find this particular pocket knife to excel in different aspects of it, especially in so many tests they performed it with. The blade of this knife is able to bring out a smooth performance. Every blade made under the name of this manufacturer has been known to bring out the excellent ones into the market, which is why it’s got the attention of most buyers of pocket knives. One of the most popular features of this pocket knife is that you can have it returned to the factory if you want to have it resharpened. Those who had tested this particular blade really liked how it performed, especially when it was tested out on various tasks. But from the expert’s point of view, the smaller cousin of this knife, the Benchmade Mini-Barrage 585 got the award because of its excellent assisted opening design and greater portability. However, if you compare the Griptillian to another full-sized knife that the experts have tested such as with Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops, the former has a more flexible blade, opens smoothly and much lighter in weight.

The blade of Griptillian is known for giving out an effortless and smooth cutting. Many even refer to this blade as a specialist, too. And this is not just a self-claimed feature that the manufacturer is somehow really proud of. It shows in the quality of the blade – after several days from general tasks being used with this blade, it is still able to slice through a ripe tomato with a light bit of pressure added to it.

From around 100 buyers of this pocket knife, 80% gave it a five-star rating. Many of those that got this knife are proud to have this in their arsenal or collection, if that is what they want to make it look like so. This is because it holds a very great edge, and even very durable, too. They have taken this pocket knife to various outdoor activities and which has proven to be very useful, too such as in camping, hiking, and even hunting. There are others that love how it is light even with a large blade with it.



Benchmade Mini Griptilian Folding Knife – Plain Edge Modified Sheepsfoot Blade with Thumb hole opener

Under the same maker as the 551 Griptilian knife, this is one of the many models and brands that stood out among the collection that pocket knife lovers carry around with them. Benchmade is known for creating folding pocket knives that are actually bigger compared to the mini version. Many of those that bought the mini Griptilian saw that the knife was very unassuming. The design of this knife is done in collaboration with Mel Pardue. According to Benchmade, his designs are ones that provide amazing utility to everyday users of the knife and at the same time presenting its upscale uniqueness. If it wasn’t for its star-studded reputation, there would have been lesser buyers of this pocket knife.

Expert says it would be a great mistake to make a pass over this pocket knife. The reason? It is lightweight, user-friendly, quite capable of its performance, relatively slim and you can carry it around with you comfortably in your pocket. This pocket knife is considered one of the best in all around knives to carry around.

Despite the simplicity of this knife, it is quite comfortable to hold on to, although the resin that holds the blade looks a little bit cheap. You can open the blade out through its thumb hole. There is also the available thumb stud variant. Whether the thumb hole or the thumb stud is better, it is all up to personal preferences. You can open the knife slowly through rotating your thumb. You can also do it in in a quick flick as well. There is no need to slam the knife out. There are those that hold down on the knife’s Axis lock spring and then flick its knife open, but experts say there is no reason to be doing this at all since the mini Griptilian knife opens quickly enough with just the use of your thumb.

The mini Griptilian got a huge rating from those who bought it. Out of about 100 of those who gave their reviews, they gave it a 4.8 out of 5 rating, which is close to 5 stars. 82 percent of them voted for the 5-star rating. They gave it a feedback of how a great knife it is, which is what the experts have always claimed that it will be.



Case 30113 Rough Black 6154LC SS Trapperlock with Clip Knife

There are not many reviews made by experts about the situation with Case, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the most beloved pocket knives in the market. Many are astounded at how this knife is able to perform. However, this particular pocket knife got its own share of disadvantages, too.

Many shops recommend this particular product of Case, which is a must have in your collection. It is claimed to be a very sturdy and durable folding knife, great to use for hiking or hunting. It’s got a rough black synthetic, Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel blades and a one-hand clip blade for opening. It comes with a belt clip, liner lock, and thumb stud. This is a pocket knife that is proudly made by artisans in the USA.

To elaborate further, the 30113 Case Rough Black Synthetic Trapper Lock come with features that have an irregular synthetic black-colored handle and a Tru-sharp surgical steel material for its blade. When the Trapper Lock is closed, it measures around 4 1/8 inches and the overall weight is about 3.4 ounces. Such size and weight is small enough that it can be carried enough in your jean’s pocket, yet the blade is big enough that it can get any light to medium task done. However, if you plan to carry this knife around with you, make sure that you clarify the local laws regarding the acceptable size of the blade. Usually, blade size of 2.75 and below are the acceptable norm.

The handle of this pocket knife is inspired by the Inch Gum Fuddy-Inch knives that came from World War II. This is virtually unbreakable with the usual jigging. As with specifications, it comes with the 6154LC SS Handle, a rough Jigged Synthetic Black with the belt clip; one-hand open clip blade with a liner lock and thumb stud; and it makes use of Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless steel for its material. The length of the knife, when closed, is at 4 and 1/8 inches, while the total weight is 3.4 ounces.

The maker of this pocket knife is known for developing amazing lines of cutlery in the market, thus being one of the leading manufacturers of hand-crafted premium knives for over a hundred years. Most of their knives are made in Bradford, Pennsylvania by their most skillful artisans all over the world.



Best Small Pocket Knife

Gerber STL 2.0 Knife [22-41122]

This is another one of those amazing knives made by Gerber that is cut-out for the purpose of one-handed opening. It’s got a frame lock, and it is extremely lightweight and thin. The entire length of the knife when open is measured at 5.1 inches, while it measures 3 inches when it is closed. The length of the blade is at 2.1 inches, which is an ideal pocket knife to carry around for lightweight jobs. You won’t have to worry about whether the local law when it comes to carrying knives since most regions allow carrying of knives wherein the blade’s length is below 2.75 inches. The material of the blade is made out of 440A stainless steel, while the handle is made out of stainless steel coupled with the use of titanium PVD coating.

The weight is only an ounce and it is not thicker than 3 quarters that are stacked together. This means that you can put it in your pocket without worrying about its size and weight. There is a lanyard hole in the handle and a distinct frame of lock for added safety. The drop point blade is of the material 7Cr17MoV stainless steel, popularly known as the material used for creating surgical knives. This means that you can expect its performance to be truly great. The product, when bought, has a limited lifetime warranty.

There are buyers that are asking what the distinct frame lock feature means. It is actually a feature of a lock knife. This means there is a lock that is built directly onto the frame of the pocket knife.

So what do the other buyers think about this pocket knife? It was given a 4.4 out of 5 rating from around 700 buyers who made their reviews. It composed about 59% that gave the blade a 5-star rating. It is almost close to 50%, which means that the blade got mixed reviews along with it. They say that the performance of the blade is not really that bad, but it is not sharp enough as they expect it to be. There are those that find it perfectly okay, especially with how it cuts. They are really amazed at how thin the knife is. When wearing dress pants, you will barely feel anything about carrying the pocket knife with you.



Best Cheap Pocket Knife

Smith and Wesson SWA24S Extreme Ops Linerlock Black Clip Point Blade Folding Knife

The name Smith and Wesson is a very popular name associated with firearms. However, they are also developing various pocket knives as well, and a fine example is their SWA24S Extreme Ops. Its blade is a partially serrated tanto material measuring 3.1 inches. Its handle measures at 4 inches while its total weight is 3.5 ounces. The blade is made out of 7Cr17 stainless steel. It features a liner lock and thumb knob that will allow you to perform a one-hand closing and opening.

The brand behind the creation of this pocket knife is a world-renowned name and there is a good reason for it. They have been focused on designing and creating on various innovative solutions that are incomparable when it comes to personal protection and safety. Almost all the major military agency and law enforcement all over the world make use of the products made by Smith and Wesson. Up to this day, most of the police in the US depend on their firearms and various accessories. They have been in partnership with the law enforcement agencies since the late 19th century. They have been developing tools to fight against crime, which has been the standard of their products since then. One of the most popular products they have that is almost iconic to their name is the .357 Magnum and their .38 Special.

But this doesn’t end their pursuit in creating new products. They have continued in searching for the best performance onto their newest division, which is known as the Smith and Wesson Advanced Technologies.

While the Smith and Wesson do create caliber products, there are those that may not be too fond of their creation. As with this pocket knife, 60% of 174 that bought and gave review gave it a 5 rating. The overall rating given to is was 4.2 out of 5. While 60% are satisfied with the result that S&W gave to this particular pocket knife, there are those that got disappointed by how the design was too simple. Some were saying how the picture posted online was quite different with the actual product on hand. It would have been perfect if not for some of its critical features. One of the features that they complain about is how liner lock does not always make the blade completely locked. They say that it can be quite dangerous since the blade can penetrate the skin if it is carried in the pocket. You will need to push the blade back to its place harder so that it will go completely locked.

The blade and the belt clip features of this pocket knife don’t have any problems. These were the features that really stood out of this particular product. But with technical issues at hand with this knife, others say it is worth of value since this is what you’d usually expect from an affordable pocket knife coming from a reputable manufacturer.



Best Tactical Pocket Knife

Mtech Rescue Modified Tanto Black Spring Assisted Open Tactical Pocket Knife

The last of this list is the Mtech Rescue Modified Tanto pocket knife. The knife is made in the US, known for one of the best tactical knives to own. The look and feel of the knife do look like you are going out for a mission in the field. This is a spring assisted knife – 5 inches measured when closed and the blade measures at 3.75 inches, made from stainless steel. The thickness of the blade is 3.5mm, and the handle measures at 5 inches, while its thickness is at 12.8mm. The package includes a pocket clip.

Many buyers of this pocket knife are really impressed by the value they have paid for an excellent product. Just for the price of $12 or less, you get the experience the performance of what pocket knife can do, not to mention it is made for tactical purposes. The rate given to this knife is 4.3 out of 5. The best features of this pocket knife is that of its spring assist, which is considered to be heavy duty. Many of those who bought this knife have never seen anything like it, with the weight and size that is compatible with the spring-assist function. Various video reviews showing this pocket knife’s performance shown that the blade itself is pretty sharp – you could slice a paper in half with less effort with it. The stabbing test they’ve shown is rated above average. Its belt cutter works amazingly in a very seamless manner. Its opening is just a bit small enough that you don’t have to worry about your pinky getting cut off with it. There is the added glass breaker, which is made out of steel. Its clip is really deep, which is very handy and difficult to come by when it comes to pocket knives. Great for carrying around since it is small and lightweight.